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07 Febbraio 2017
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2002-2012 dieci anni di  esperienza, passione, innovazione  e dedizione alla clientela.
PU16 / 3000 - Technical Specification

 The newness' of this new system of shearing is to be able to use a single press of the high power of 3000kg of thrust for any profile system. Under this new joined 'thrust can be inserted an infinite number of molds, each of which can' bring one or more 'processing (such as the mold relative to the handling, allow' to perform the shearing of the handle, the cleaning fins passage rod and the working rod, whatever it is). Each mold and 'accompanied by a twin-column guide for safe and accurate slicing. This system also allows the replacement or modification of the mold only concerned, in case they are made or modified profiles of the series. The insertion of the molds is performed in a few seconds, by means of a handle snap mail in the top plate of the press, and by means of two screws that secure the base of the mold to the base of the press. rapid replacement of this system allows you to use the same press any system: swing, slide, wood aluminum, curtain wall, etc.. The high power of the press allows the insertion of a mold for the shearing rod steel of hardware perimeter band more and more 'used in systems with aluminum casement. The PU 16/3000 has a capacity of 3 tons to 6 bar, and can be used for the most diverse requirements and processes (slots special steel that can run on up to 20/10 thick).

The press Emme 3 PU 16/3000 can accommodate four units cutters and is operated by a pedal and can 'be provided at the request of a support base, equipped with special shelves for storage of the relative molds.

This patented system allows a considerable reduction in costs as it does not even require the purchase of punching complete with all the processes included within itself, but rather the purchase of the units only cutters that are truly essential to the conduct of the work.

Another major benefit of this new unit, comes from the fact that if you have to perform updates on the components of the stations cutters, in relation to the birth of new profiles, we should not deprive of all the equipment, but only of the individual processing units to change.

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